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£3 could provide a pair of 100% UV-protective sunglasses to a person with albinism as part of our Vision Programme

Wide-Brimmed Hats

£10 could provide a wide-brimmed hat to help a person with albinism stay safe in the sun

Monocular Telescopes

£15 could provide a monocular telescope to a child with albinism

Prescription Glasses

£20 could provide prescription glasses to a child with albinism and transform their educational experience

1 Year's Supply of Sunscreen

Just £24 could provide a person with albinism with a year's supply of Tanzanian-made sunscreen

School Books and Uniform

£40 could provide books and school uniform to a student with albinism for a year

Sponsor an Education

£35 a month (or £420 a year) could provide a high-quality inclusive education to a student with albinism

Vision Programme Enrolment

£50 could enrol a child with albinism onto our Vision Programme, providing an eye exam and vision devices

Specialist Workshop

£100 could pay for a specialist to deliver a one-day skills training workshop at the UTC

Skin Cancer Surgery

£200 could provide life-saving dermato-surgery to treat skin cancer

Business Development Support

£350 could help a person with albinism to launch an enterprise or grow their business


£1000 could provide a cryogun to be used at our Skin Cancer Prevention clinics

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