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Standing Voice is an international non-governmental organisation based in Tanzania, Malawi and the United Kingdom. We create programmes for the disempowered to speak back to their societies and reassert their presence and equality.

Our Voice

We currently tackle the social exclusion of people with albinism in Africa. We deliver Health, Education, Advocacy and Community Programmes, reaching thousands of people with albinism in their own communities. We exist as a catalyst to amplify the voices of people with albinism, enabling individuals to shape their own lives and futures.

Our Cause

Across Africa, people with albinism face severe discrimination. Dehumanising myths destroy families, prompting abandonment and physical violence. Across 28 African countries there have been 206 witchcraft-fuelled murders of people with albinism and a total of 562 attacks and mutilations.

Where We Operate

Our Health, Education and Community services operate across Tanzania and Malawi. Our Advocacy work reaches audiences worldwide.